Direct Selling Association


Direct selling is simply doing business person-to-person instead of shopping at a retail location, like a department store. It gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch a business without making a huge financial investment and with the support of an experienced, credible company.

Direct sellers (at Scentsy, we call them Consultants) work as independent contractors, not employees, for the companies that make the products or services they sell. Although some orders take place online or by phone, most direct sales happen at home parties where experiencing products becomes a fun, social shopping event!

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About the Direct Selling Association

Attorneys have the American Bar Association, and physicians have the American Medical Association. Direct sellers have their own trade organization for upholding professional standards and best practices: the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Scentsy is proud to be an active — and award-winning — DSA member. Scentsy has earned DSA Ethos Awards each year from 2009-2015, beginning with the DSA’s first-ever Rising Star Award in 2009.

The DSA Code of Ethics

Why is DSA membership so important to us at Scentsy? Because it means Scentsy Consultants, customers and employees can be confident about doing business with a company they can trust.

To be accepted as a DSA member, each company must complete a year-long screening process to make sure every aspect of their business operations complies with the DSA Code of Ethics, including these key areas:

Truth in Advertising:

We make no promises or statements that could mislead existing or prospective customers or Consultants.

Ethical Recruiting Practices:

All recruiting practices at every level must be transparent, ethical and lawful.

Factual Financials:

Compensation plans, representations or projections of potential revenue must be based on documented fact — absolutely no pyramid schemes allowed.

Support and Accountability:

DSA member companies are held accountable for the actions of their Consultants. They must be proactive and thorough in their training, support and communication with Consultants and employees.

Consumer Protection:

The DSA assigns an independent third-party code administrator to investigate and resolve any reported complaints or violations.

Learn more about direct selling on the Direct Selling Education Foundation's website: